RCGTiming: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I make race adjustments from a different computer?

Yes, it is possible to make adjustments from several computers at once, including mobile devices as well.

How to open a sign-up for the event if it's closed for public access?

First of all you need to make sure that the sign-up closing date is greater than the current date (this can be done in the event editing popup)

Next, you can use the "Share" command in the "Actions" menu. This command allows you to get a link to the event, where users can find the "Signup" form.

Can I manually handle the race (without decoder)?

Yes, there is such an opportunity. On the race screen, you can use the button with the index finger icon . In this mode, special commands will be available for each driver in the heat as follows:

What audio announcements are there in the system?

There are the following audio announcements implemented in RCGTiming so far:

Can I clear the old schedule and create a new one?

If the schedule is still active, i.e. that there are heats are yet to be finished then there are several options:

  1. You can move the first unfinished heat in the schedule any time ahead (days, hours, minutes, seconds) - all scheduled heats in the list after will also be shifted to the corresponding time. Thus, the entire racing order will be preserved, but the start time will be adjusted.
  2. You can run the "Prepare Schedule" command again. In this case, the schedule will be completely rebuilt.
  3. You can clear all uncompleted races using the "Finish Event" command in the "Actions" menu and create schedule from scratch

What is the difference between the statuses of the races: Scheduled and Prepared?

Any heat in the schedule has its own status and below are all the statuses with a description:

  1. Completed - the heat has taken place and does have a result
  2. Prepared - the heat was prepared by the race director, group and class specified but no start time set
  3. Schedule - the same as prepared but with start time set
  4. Started - it's an ongoing heat
  5. Paused - it's an onging heat but clock is paused and it can be continued at a later time

Is it possible to change the time right before the start of the race?

Yes, in addition, you can change the start time and its duration, both during the race and after its completion.

Are the rules and format stored somewhere, or do they have to be adjusted every single race?

Everything related to the Rules can be saved in a Rules Template, which can be selected at the start of a new event. Note: In the current version of RCGTiming, Rules Templates can only be created by the server administrator.

What does the "Public Event" checkbox mean on the event details popup?

This means that the event will be displayed in the list of country/track/organization events, and the results of that event will be reflected in the driver profile of every driver who participated in a given event.

When and how racing results become available and can be found via Search?

Results information is being populated from a variety of sources: